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people helping people

Rurapuk means “People who Help People” in Quechua, the language of ancient Incans. Rurapuk is a social program in the community of Paraiso Alto, Peru created with the hope of improving the lives of the children, teens and families of this community.

The brand new two-floor community center offers programs that provide basic human necessities, such as nutrition, education and the ability to generate income. Rurapuk hopes to become an influential social model that can be replicated in neighboring communities and around the world.


The Rurapuk Hot Lunch program provides a hot lunch each weekday to nutritionally at-risk boys and girls, between 5 and 12-years-old. Some of the children in the...

economic development

One of the important goals of Rurapuk is to achieve financial self-sustainability, while also creating income opportunities for the women and families in the village. Since 2003,...

day care

In May of 2013, Rurapuk opened a new daycare program, which started with 15 children. The program is for children between 2 and 4-years-old and will provide...


Several days each week, many of the children who participate in the Hot Lunch Program spend additional time at Rurapuk for enthusiastic tutoring in math, reading...